A pertinent response to a fast-changing world

A university campus is a bustling community, a home for students and an inspiring biotope where researchers can carry out their prestigious research. Moreover it is an incubation place for innovation breakthroughs. A networking pool where academia meets society.

The Learning & Innovation building will be designed with the newest technology. Digital tools will enable access to the world’s knowledge sources and enable visitors to connect virtually with their peers worldwide.

The ULB and VUB proudly present their ambitious project to set up an international knowledge hub in the capital of Europe. With a new, smart, and zero-energy Learning and Innovation Center (LIC), we want to introduce our students, professors, researchers, Alumni, corporate partners, and decision-makers to the ultimate scienti c resources. By o ering information and communication technologies of tomorrow, we actively engage in breaking barriers and building bridges.



To ensure the best outcome for all stakeholders, the LIC combines amazing infrastructure (ICT, connectivity, smart learning tools,…) and learning and collaboration facilities of the future, with highly- qualified staff. Among others, the LIC will contain quiet and silent areas for individual reading and study, collaboration rooms, experience centers for small group activities and active learning classrooms to support knowledge build-up and exchange, and stimulate creativity and innovation. Moreover, the LIC will house the scientific libraries of both the ULB and VUB, providing access to a vast collection of physical and electronic resources.

By combining their shared knowledge and including external know-how from partners, the ULB and VUB walk the talk to become a point of reference on the intersection of education, research, and corporate society.