Investing in the LIC means investing in talent, innovation, and the future. Only with your financial and tangible support, the LIC will be able to become the hub where excellence in research and education will be manifested every day.

As a partner of two global and trendsetting universities, you will enjoy visibility at and have access
to all the facilities of the LIC where you can boost intrapreneurship, and experience the power of innovation. You will meet bright young minds and get first access to our latest breakthroughs in cutting- edge research and technology. You will be part of a visionary team that sustainably shapes the digital revolution, and will have access to an extensive, international network of individuals, companies and policy-makers, allowing you to impact the society of tomorrow.

Beliris was the first partner to join the LIC-project. They will invest 21 million euro in the construction of the building, with a planned opening in 2022. To ensure the best learning and innovation experience, the Belgian National Lottery has committed to become the second partner and will invest €450.000

The ULB and VUB are now inviting additional partners to invest in the LIC and participate in realizing the mission of this unique Center.

“The LIC is a perfect example of how we want to be proactive in securing the quality of our future educational system and stimulating collaboration between students, researchers, and corporate partners.” – Prof. Dr. Yvon Englert, rector ULB